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recipe cum grano salis

The information in the series of files that make up this cookbook has been accumulated over many years. The notes were made for my own use and a lot of them are specific to my personal setup, or computers. Some entries refer to machines and software that no longer exist. This "historic" information is included for two reasons. One it may be useful for legacy hardware or software — but more likely, I have not got around to clearing it out. The original "Cookbook" was maintained as a single StrongED text file. Formatting was done with spaces and line breaks and the system monospaced font. To pursuade the Google spiders to visit the text I have converted the text files to html. Apart from the addition of some html headers the original formatting has been maintained by using html <pre> tags. If anyone finds factual errors and tells me about them I will endeavor to make amends. email: John Rickman

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