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# Keyboard short-cuts (* new in 2.9, 2.X and 2.XI)

General Keys ctrl constrain action Left-Alt temporary Select Right-alt temporary push Shift-Right_Alt temporary zoom Space toggle current and previous tools Tab then letter user defined switch tool Selector keys Alt force marquee drag ctrl Draw-like marquee drag shift select overlapping objects arrow key nudge object +shift x 5 +ctrl no auto-scroll Path edit keys F4 sharp corner f5 smooth corner f6 line f7 curve Delete delete point Backspace open shape shift force anchor point selection, supress other actions Polygon keys ctrl keep angle while dragging shift keep radius while dragging Text line tool keys ctrl relaxed caret plcement ctrl+ E Kern text right ctrl+ J Kern text down ctrl+ R Kern text left ctrl+ S Swop case of text ctrl+ T Transpose characters ctrl+ Y Kern text up Text area keys ctrl-A select all text in text area ctrl-C copyselected text to clipboard ctrl-G force to next column ctrl-V paste text from clipboard ctrl-X cut selected text to clipboard ctrl-Z clear selection ctrl-shift-H insert bullet ctrl-shift_ insert EN dash Keypress +Ctrl +Ctrl+Shift A Select all Filter selection B Put to back Move backwards C Copy Apply/Remove ClipView D Duplicate - E Kern text right Bitmap export F Bring to front Move forwards G Group Extra grids H - - I Join shapes Undo zoom J Kern text down - K Clone Apply ClipView from clipboard L Break shapes - M - - N Make shapes * Paste attributes O Previous zoom Redo zoom P Pull to grid PDF export Q Align base lines Distribute base lines R Kern text left Remove text from curve S Swop case of text SVG export T Transpose characters Fit text to curve U Ungroup - V Paste Paste where cut W Intersect Intersect with top X Cut - Y Kern text up - Z Clear selection Remove document Function key On its own +Ctrl +Ctrl+Shift F1 - Document info - F2 Select tool New colour * New style F3 Save document Edit colour Next separation F4 tool specific Line width Separation list F5 tool specific Line ends WYSIWYG 11 F6 tool specific Arrowheads WYSIWYG 10 F7 tool specific Dash pattern WYSIWYG 5 F8 Undo Line joins WYSIWYG 0 F9 Redo Alignment - F10 Show key short-cut Grid - F11 Remove Toolbox Show print borders - Function key On its own +Ctrl +Shift PageUp Next page * First page Scroll window up PageDown Previous page * Last page Scroll window down Shift-F1 displays object information Shift-F11 removes/shows the Info Bar

# zoom

Ctrl-Shift-I, which allows you to go back several steps (and forward again using Ctrl-Shift-O)

# move

Alt-Shift and drag - does not need accurate pointer position for move + Ctrl to constrain Chris Terran

# Grids example grids are in .CLIPS.Stationery

a useful grid for drawing BakeHouse rooms is cm 2.0 with 2 sub-divisions and colour set to grey This means you can have 1cm = 1foot In the Kitchen drawing I used 2.0 cm with 8 subdivisions This means one subdiv = 3 inches A good metric grid - cm 1.0, 3 subdivs Then with 1cm = 300mm you can do kitchen units - 600cm and 1m = 3cm and 1 subdiv NOTE GRID AND ZOOM SETTINGS ARE NOT SAVED WITH THE FILE

# colours Artworks

ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.Colour.ColourCYM ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.Colour.ColourHSV (C, Y and M go up in steps of 20% giving 216 colours) to find out what colour is used by an object use: the flat fill tool # colour palettes suitable for AW are in: ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.Colour.Palettes these were created from PhotoDesk named colour dialgue # colour table or palette showing shades of red:- %%+r p (a1) 0.99 0.95 0.95 %%+r p (a2) 0.99 0.9 0.9 %%+r p (a3) 0.99 0.8 0.8 %%+r p (a4) 0.99 0.7 0.7 %%+r p (a5) 0.99 0.6 0.6 %%+r p (a6) 0.99 0.5 0.5 %%+r p (a7) 0.99 0.4 0.4 %%+r p (a8) 0.99 0.3 0.3 %%+r p (a9) 0.99 0.2 0.2 %%+r p (aA) 0.99 0.1 0.1 %%+r p (aB) 0.99 0.0 0.0

# Scaling

Scale of 1" to 60" good for drawing house sized pics on A4 eg 30' house is 6" on paper. using this scale to convert real size to paper:- inches to inches divide by 60 (or multiply by 0.01667) feet to inches divide by 5 (or mulitply by 0.2) using this scale to convert paper to real size:- inches to inches multiply by 60 inches to feet mulitply by 5 use >>objects>shape info to calculate areas

# Stop colour bar and tool window following main window

when it is resized or moved Untick "Utilities => Attach colour bar" there is a corresponding entry for the styles panel >>Choices>ArtWorks 2 choices> untick Attach Info Bar untick Attach Toolbox

# Select multiple control points

select "anchors" in the "Selector" info bar

# Stationery

to add new document to stationery list save doc in ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.A1.!ArtWorks2.Stationery (icon >>Stationery >Open directory...

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