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Camera notes

# docs

ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.CAMERA there is a hardcopy user manual also

# Abbreviations

DSCF Digital Storage Compact Flash Sony, Fuji IMGnnnnn Blackberry Pmddnnnn Olympus SP550Z Pnnnnnnn Panasonic DMC-FX3 PICT Minolta Dimage SNAP Kodak DC260

# White Balance -

for photos of paper lit by my 500 watt halogen the best results are using Tungsten setting and 0 exposure compensation. Tried low tungsten with +.3 +.7 ... +2.0 - not satifacory > But the camera is very poor at capturing white paper. > Whenever I photograph a page of a book it always comes out brown. The > depth of shade can vary but by daylight or flash it is still brown. > I have tried various camera settings but generally end up using > PhotoDesk lighten the brownness before printing. Automatic exposure systems always assume the subject is an average brightness. When an overall white subject is photographed the exposure system assumes it is grey and adjusts the exposure accordingly: snow scenes and white paper appear to be too dark; 'under exposed'. Try increasing the exposure by two stops; you may have to use a manual setting on the camera to do this. Brown rather than white (or grey) suggests that the white balance is incorrect; most cameras can be set for automatic white balance; tungsten lighting; fluorescent lighting; daylight (etc). Check what setting you have. OR: Is the camera set for Black and White to photograph the book, and have you maybe set Sepia Toning as an effect? Regards Roger

# - metadata for jpegs

PrivateEye displays full metadata for individual pictures ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.E1.!EXIFinfo makes webpage with thumbs ::r but does not work if pix have been messed about! Variations can display date of creation and camera settings. Use [*] Full setting in Thumbnail window. shows some metadata in thumbnail window can edit Metadata via menu on image in thumbnail window

# Olympus Manual codes

the pdf does not display pictograms properly they come out as letters with funny aspect ratios. The following letters are representative. Camera body O on/off u viewfinder/screen toggle h image stabiliser button # opens flash Mode dial h auto P auto aperture and shutter speed A manual apurture setting S change shutter speed r My button g Guide s scene n recording movies q playback mode Arrow Pad 1F top button +/- 2Y bottom delay timer function 3# rhs button flash 4& lhs button macro function Buttons around arrow pad m menu q print/show picture DISP help S erase

# cameras

Olympus SP550Z first picture P6270001 2006 june 27 Minolta DiMAGE first P021202 2003 feb 13 (renamed from PICT0002

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