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# hardware and software levels for problem reporting

04.02.2013 Iyonix 5.19; NetSurf 3.0 #851 13.07.2010 Iyonix 5.16; NetSurf r10438

# there is complete DiscImage of the original IYONIX hard drive on CD.

The contents are:- HDIMAGE README !SPARKFS The original folders in HardDisc4 are:- Apps Bundled Demo Diversions Internet Printing Public Sound Tutorials Utilities

# Serial Ports

Null modem Null Modem Pin Connetion: 25 Pin 9 Pin 9 Pin 25 Pin FG (Frame Ground) 1 - X - 1 FG TD (Transmit Data) 2 3 - 2 3 RD RD (Receive Data) 3 2 - 3 2 TD RTS (Request To Send) 4 7 - 8 5 CTS CTS (Clear To Send) 5 8 - 7 4 RTS SG (Signal Ground) 7 5 - 5 7 SG DSR (Data Set Ready) 6 6 - 4 20 DTR DTR (Data Term Ready) 20 4 - 6 6 DSR

# See PRM for details of Serial devices

but see blockdrivers below also PRM Archimedes - Chapter "Character Input" pp 137-142 fundamentals pp 174-181 RS432 port PRM RISC OS 3 softcopy Volume 2:Chapter 2:DeviceFS Volume 2:Chapter 2:Serial device PRM RISC OS 3 Volume 5 pp 5-121:122 Parallel and serial device drivers pp 5129:131 updates SWIs OS_ReadSysInfo, OS_SerialOp, OSByte

# OS_SerialOp (SWI &57)

Like OS_Byte, a single call with many operations within it. The operation required, or reason code, is passed in R0. It can have the following meanings: R0 Meaning Page 0 Read/write serial states OS_SerialOp 0 1 Read/write data format OS_SerialOp 1 2 Send break OS_SerialOp 2 3 Send byte OS_SerialOp 3 4 Get byte OS_SerialOp 4 5 Read/write receive baud rate OS_SerialOp 5 6 Read/write transmit baud rate OS_SerialOp 6 7 For system use only OS_SerialOp 7 8 Read/write serial input buffer threshold value OS_SerialOp 8 For a detailed explanation of each reason code, see the relevant page.

# Which is the first serial port on an Iyonix? Top or bottom?

bottom, marked serial 1 - uses both original serial port interface methods and DeviceFS interface methods top is marked serial 2, and uses DeviceFS interface only

# !Serial - Paul Reuvers

Run !Serial - two windows open and icon appears on bar. Win - "Drivers installed.." shows Internal32 2.15 Win - "Active serial ports" is blank, probably because you need to initialise the port. Help file for serial does not work properly with NetSurf.

# BlockDrivers Hugo Fiennes, Rev 12, 11th June 1996

To provide a standard way for applications to access serial devices. Application supporting block drivers can be used with many serial devices, with no modification required to the application code - and it's easier to use than the serial SWIs anyway! ADFS::HardDisc5.$.!Boot.Resources.!SerialDev.Help.doc/txt

# Programming

There are example progs in PROGRAMZ in SERIAL in c and Basic

# Virus stuff - virus false alarm

The file !Run is stopped from running because the virus checker thinks it has a virus. the message is:- Message from Vprotect --------------------- Warning ...!Run may be infected with the Valid virus. Use Killer ... The file has not got a virus - any obey file named !run containing the line Filer_Run .SOURCE.!Apps will give the error.

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