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opens in normal mode hjkl navigate i mode insert u undo Esc exit insert mode : cmd mode :q quit :w write i


q quit shift h help - link to keymap file shft-b back to previous page shft r refresh page space page down - page up gg top shft g bottom tab next link shft-tab previous link enter on link opens link enter on entry field allows text entry shft-u url ^u clear ^h history s links shft-t new browser Tab shft-[ switch browser Tabs ^q close browser tab / search (n for next) v view source Esc b load .../.w3m/bookmark.html o options Esc a add bookmark Esc b show bookmarks


sudo apt update sudo apt install tmux Sessions $> TMUX new -s $> TMUX ls list session names $> TMUX attach -t ^b d detach session ^b $ rename session ^b s list of sessions - choose interactively Windows ^b c create new window ^b , rename current window ^b x, delete current window ^b n select next window ^b w select window from list ^b n=0:9 - select window by number Panes exit close pane ^b % split V new pane ^b " split H new pane ^b sp next pane layout ^b >< use arrow keys change panes ^b o move focus to next pane ^b q show pane numbers ^bo swap pane positions ^b [ copy mode (q) allows scroll ^b z toggle zoom pane Misc ^b : enter command mode ^b ? keys bindings - q to quit, arrows scroll ^b t show clock

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