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Monitors Screens and MDFs

Setting wimpmode at Boot

The startup screen mode is set in - !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk.Configure this has two files: !Run - which setups and runs the Configure ClrMonitor plugin Monitor - contain the current wimpmode settings eg LoadModeFile BootResources:Configure.Monitors.iMX6 WimpMode X2560 Y1440 C16M F60 If the mode changes are undone by the next boot and the commands in the Monitor file have been commented out a kludgy fix is to set the mode you want then make the Monitor file Read-Only.

# ARMiniX and ARMX6 rescue bad screen mode

ARMiniX recovery keypress if you switch to a mode that your monitor can't display. Hold the left and right ALT keys and press Home for 1 second, and you'll revert back.

# my mode string default for Dell monitor

X1920 Y1200 C16M EX1 EY1

# !Makemodes

Documentation - ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.M1.!MakeModes.Docs - ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.COMPUTER_HW.monitorMDFdoc If you need pixel rate then multiply the line rate by the horizontal resolution.

# screen grab snapshot capture

# Snapper - The Best - David Pilling - Chris Johnson flexible - Screen Area Window Contents saves to user choice jpeg png gif ... hot keys - configurable - shft shft currently Snap button can move pointer out of the way # Paint 1 iconmenu >>Snapshot... 2 [B] ok 3 drag, 4 let go, 5 rename (cursor in write icon already) 6 drag to target directory 7 drop bad features: easy to forget 2 above no autoname save window lost if you click to open filer good points - will grab areas defined by pointer # ScreenGrabber Chris Bazley 2006 grabs whole screen - can do continuous snaps hotkey is Print Screen (manually config) # !WindowRd screen capture app hot keys - BOTH shifts saves window under pointer This can include other windows on top of it, and also menus.

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