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# tablet copy files - ES File Explorer

defaults to /sdcard/ to change devices use the favourites (star icon) this offers: /mnt/extsd/ /mnt/usbhost1/ and :- home / Downloads Pictures multiple select via Select button copy via copy button switch to target and paste via ???

# mobile phone Nokia E65

to move pictures from memory to sd card... >> Media > Gallery > Images ... > Options > Mark/Unmark mark all then move to card (to be continued)

# user guide -


# press and hold

keys home - shows last 6 apps menu - shows keyboard search - shows choice of voice search or voice command

# shortcut to a file

Long press a home screen - Add Shortcut. Choose Astro (if you have it, or another file manager) Then you can navigate to the folder... Then you can choose the sound file... Shortcut on home screen press plays file using media player, then exit. Works fine.

# folder of shortcuts

press and hold your finger on an open space. Select Folders, and then New Folder. Then drag and drop as many shortcuts into the folder as you wish. To give it a custom name, tap the folder once to open it, and then hold your finger along the top bar until the Rename folder dialog box appears on your screen.

# to find a file on SDCard use Astro >Search

# text editors

txtpad - my choice ak notepad - is interesting. It has lots of function, including pinning notes to home screen. But it keeps its data on the phone memory. Also it does not have file names papyrus - good for quick notes but not as powerful as txtpad. 19.01.11 now testing notes - i uninstalled txtpad as it lost my data _

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