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Routers Hubs Switches

further info on using telnet to setup router is in section: IP - TCP/IP - FTP and Telnet and mac addresses ..../cookunits/1200

# 29 Oct 2012, Theo Markettos + Richard Porter

> Hub = OSI layer 1 - physical layer, everything's a wire, doesn't > understand > what packets are: > > Switch = OSI layer 2 - data link layer, understands ethernet frames > but not IP > The consequence of which is that a hub will operate at the speed of the slowest device connected to it, whereas a switch will run each link at the highest speed that it and the switch will support. This is significant if you have a mix of divices with different capabilities. > Router = OSI layer 3 - network layer, understand IP packets > Bridge - connects two segments of a network together to form a single network (layer 2) Whereas a router connects two different networks, typically your LAN and the public internet or WAN.

# router reset

If a reset is necessary, unplug from adsl before doing it. Otherwise, you will lose your current sync speeed

# Vigor2600G Draytek router

If you are using the DHCP server facility on the router, you may need to fix an allocation so that the same client (PC) always gets the same IP address. You can do this from the router's Telnet interface with the following syntax : srv dhcp fixip add # BT Voyager 210 router EchoLife HG520b (bought by Chris for Sally before we got her a netbook and before we dicovered she had cable telephone! It is locked to BT and cannot be unlocked AFAIK So I decided to try to use it as a wireless access point * 09.01.11 default setting - admin admin mac address 00-21-63-53-56-06 turn off DHCP done basic>dhcp turn on Wireless done basic>Wireless Lan change IP address to - eg done basic>LAN setting change SSID to - default done basic>Wireless setting change channel to 1 orig basic>Wireless setting turn on bridge mode done basic>WAN setting !!!!!!!It appears to be working mobile can swap between 1 and 6!!!!!!!!! however, it will only logon to channel 6 when i amam in the study * 05.09.11 set WEP 64Bits password basic>Authentication type

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