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TCP/IP FTP Telnet & Nettle

# ftp interoperability

FTP COMMANDs for OS/2 are documented in ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.NoteBook.COOKPC They are not documented here cos there is no RISCOS FTP cmdline client. the following FTP connections tested ok: panther FTPc lappcjr CA server panther FTPc julie FTPs lappcjr CA client panther FTPs lappcjr CA client* julie FTPs *-not passive julie FTPc panther FTPs julie FTPc lappcjr CA server name="FAQs" value=""

# FTPc Client

- To use FTPc interactively (panther client, riscpc server) Ensure FTPs is running on server machine. Run FTPc Click on Iconbar icon ... window opens, fill in following:- Host riscpc (this is defined in hosts) Path / User (leave blank) Password xxx - (anything except blank) Account (leave blank) This should open a directory listing for the folder: ADFS::HardDisc4.$.Public The reverse operation ie riscpc to panther is very similar Host panther etc - FTPc User menu values are stored in a file (Type: FTPc) Edit user menu from iconbar >>User menu >Edit... !BOOT.Choices.FTPc.UserMenu The above anonymous login is stored as two lines as follows: name="riscpc - Public"; value="ftp://:xxx@riscpc/" note the user:password - ie there is no user, password is xxx Compare this with the Argo Ftp login: ftp://username:password@nodename name="ARGOFTP"; value="" Host Path User bc00 Passsword XXXXXXXX Account - note for !SiteMatch parameters are slightly different Host Login bc00 Passsword XXXXXXXX Remote dir - FTPc Saving a link - only works from filer window when connected There appears to be a tiny buglet - the password is not put into the user menu file but the user is stored without a colon (maybe the bug is in FTPs who does not recognise the user but treats it as a password) - FTPc move files - within same site only adjust click on the sub directory to open a new FTPc window, Select the files (can drag select if you start outside a filename), then shift drag the files from one window to the other.

# FTPs server

see ....helpFTPs 1. run FTPs 2. start task window 3.*ftps_help *show ftps* *help ftps_password *ftps_password root *!!!* rw $ (note not sure if this will work) *ftps_log 9 gives reasonable level of detail run ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.F1.!FTPs.setloglevel then look at logs in ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.F1.!FTPs.Log Setup from scratch you can do it with the commands but it is probably easier to copy the following lines to the ftps.config.users file:- root *!!!* rw adfs::4$. john *!!!* rw temp jrapps *!!!* rw jrapps anonymous * r adfs::4.public note - the funny chars are my encrypted password. Complementary FTPc entries:- name="PC700_jrapps"; value="ftp://jrapps:*!!!*@"

# exittelnet - terminal use !Nettle - see Help .

config info is in boot choices nettle user:password@host as the Host - get mail Nettle hotlist file Created on Mon Dec 12 21:53:25 2005 argomail { host: type: telnet term: vt220 wide: 100 high: 50 scrl: 300 lned: 0 } supply:- USER orp16 PASS ....... LIST RETR 123 DELE 123 QUIT - get news (see also help for Newshound) host: ... Nettle: Looking up host Nettle: Connecting to Nettle: Connected to 200 NewsCache 1.2rc6, accepting NNRP commands help 100 Legal commands article [number|] authinfo [user username|pass password] body [number|] date group newsgroup head [number|] help last list [active [wildmat]|active.times [time]|extensions |newsgroups|overview.fmt] listgroup [newsgroup] mode reader newgroups date time [GMT] [wildmat] next over [range] post quit stat [number|] xhdr header [range] xover [range] Report problems to

# - use nettle to update the draytek router

ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.computerRouter.PDFdocs.Telnetcmds/pdf run !Nettle open new session Host - Nettle: Looking up host Nettle: Connecting to Nettle: Connected to Password: ******** Type ? for command help > ? % Valid commands are: upnp ddns exit ip ipf ddos urlf isdn log quit srv show mngt sys vpn wan adsl port vigbrg > sys ver Router Model: Vigor2600 plus series Version: 2.5.6_UK English Profile version: 0x2 Status: 1 (0x189a82e1) Router IP: Netmask: Firmware Build Date/Time: Mon Feb 21 17:14:4.5 2005 >srv dhcp status > srv dhcp status DHCP server: Running Default gateway: dhcp 00-11-24-DD-9E-24 Mac NIC dhcp 00-11-24-C8-8F-5C Mac wireless

# - srv dhcp

i. fixip a. add : add a DHCP fixed IP address eg. srv dhcp fixip add 00-40-d0-20-aa-e0 lapjrpc b. del : delete a DHCP fix IP address eg. srv dhcp fixip del ii. gateway : set the DHCP server gateway IP address iii. ipcnt : set the DHCP server free IP count iv. off : disable the DHCP server v. on : enable the DHCP server vi. leasetime : set DHCP server lease time, default is 3 days note: leasetime 0 : set to default vii. relay a. servip : set the DHCP relay agent server IP address b. subnet <1 or 2> : client is forNAT(1) or enabling routing(2) viii. badip a. del : reset bad IP address to free IP b. status : show bad IP address ix. public a. start : public IP start address b. cnt : public free IP count c. status : show MAC address assigned for public IP d. add : add MAC address for public IP e. del : 192.168.1. delete MAC address for public IP

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