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URLs (from COOKPC)

Uniform Resource Locator general syntax scheme://host:port/path/filename Note direction of slash is forward some apps will work with back slash eg MSOutlook but it is invalid example of URL for file on local disk file:///C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\___words\JAPANESE\KANJI\ANI_SUN.gif (needs some more testing) Load file into NetSurf >>Page >Save location >Text... drag to filer and open file (or just drag from NetSurf URL area) example of URL in NetSurf:- file:///ADFS%3A%3AHardDisc5.%24/WEBZ/JRWEB/lynx/index.htm example of URL in Netscape file:///C%3A%5CMy%20Documents%5Casworld2.gif note use of hex for colon, backslash and space To reference a picture from disk in HTML <IMG SRC="file:///c:/desktop/P0000346.JPG" To reference a file in a directory at the same level, eg dir1, as the directory containing the html:- ../dir1/ the ../ goes up a level, dir

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