All I Really Want To Do

I ain't lookin' to com pete with you,
Beat or cheat or mistreat you,
Simpli fy you, classi fy you, De
ny de fy or cruci fy you.

All I----- really wan't to
Do------- is baby be
friends with you-------- ------- ------------

No, and I ain't lookin' to fight with you,
Frighten you, or up tighten you,
Drag you down, or bring you down,
Chain you down, or bring you down

I don't want to straight face you,
Race, or chase you, track or trace you,
Or dis grace you, or dis place you,
Or de fine you, or con- fine you.

I don't want to meet your kin,
Make you spin, or do you in,
Or se lect you, or dis sect you,
Or in spect you, or re- ject you.

I don't want to fake you out,
Take, or shake or for sake you out,
I ain't lookin' fr you to to feel like me,
See like me, or be like me