Black Velvet Band

As I was walking down broadway, not in - tending to stay very long
I met with frolicking maiden, as she came skipping al ong
A watch she pulled from her pocket and slipped it right into my hand
On the very first day that I met her, bad luck to the black velvet band

Her eyes they shone like diamonds
You d think she was queen of the land
With her hair thrown over her shoulder
tied up with a black velvet band

Before the judge and the jury, the both of us had to ap - pear
And a gentleman swore to jewellry, the case against us was clear
For seven years transportation over to Van Dieman's land
Far away from me friends and relations to follow the black velvet band

Now all you brave young Irish lads, a warning take by me Be-
ware of the pretty young maidens that are skipping around in Tralee
They'll give you rye whiskey and porter until you're unable to stand and be-
fore you have time for to leave them you're bound for Van Dieman's land