Lord Lovel

Sung by Mrs. T.F. Guthrie on 7/18/52

Lord Lovel he stood at his castle gate
A-combing his milk-white steed ♦ ♦
Along came La-dy Nan -cy Bell A-
wish -ing her lov er good speed speed speed A-
wishing her lo-ver good speed ♦ ♦

Oh where are you going Lord Lovel? she said
Oh where are you going? said she ♦ ♦
I'm going away Lord Lovel replied
Far coun tries for to-o see see see
Far countries for to see

How long will you be gone Lord Lovel? she said
How long will you be gone? said she ♦ ♦ I'll
only be gone a year and a day or
at most but two-o or three three three or
at most but two-oo or three

He'd only been gone a year and a day
A year and a day gone he ♦ ♦ I'll
When into his head popped languishing thoughts La-
dy Nan cy Bell for to see see see Lady
Nancy Bell for to see

He rode and he rode til he reached London town
To London town came he ♦ ♦ And
there he met a fun-er -al with
the mourners all weep ing around round round with
the mourners all weeping a- round

Oh who is dead good people? he said
Oh who is dead? said he 'Tis the
earl's only daughter the people replied and
they called her La-dy Nan cy cy cy
and they called her Lady Nan cy

He ordered the coffin to be open-ed straight the
shroud to be fold-ed down ♦ ♦ and
there he kissed her cold cold corpse while
the tears came trick-el-in down down down while
the tears they came trickling down

Lady Nancy she died on that self-same eve
Lord Lovel he died on the morrow ♦ ♦ Lady
Nancy she died of >pure pure grief Lord
Lo-vel he died o-of sorrow sorrow sorrow Lord
Lovel he died of sorrow

Lady Nancy was buried in St Martin's Kirk
Lord Lovel was laid in the choir♦ ♦ but
out of her bosom there grew a red rose and
out of her lover's a briar briar briar and
out of her lover's a briar

They grew and they grew
          'till they reached the church tower
And there they couldn't grow any higher♦ ♦ and
so they en twined in a lover's true knot
true lo-vers for to ad mire mire mire all
true lovers for to ad mire