Times They Are A-Changin

do do-do do do-do do re do re me

ga - ther round peo-ple wher- ev- er you roam--------and
ad-mit that the wa- ters a- round you have grown and ac-
cept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone-----if your
time----- to you is worth sav- in----------------thn youd
better start swimmin or you'll sink like a stone----for the
times--- they are a-------- chang-------in------- come

wri-ters and critics who prophe size with your pen--and
keep your eyes wide the chance wont come again ------and
don't speak too soon for the wheels still in spin-an theres
no tell- in' who that its nam- in------for the
los- er now will be lat- er to win--- -for the
times--- they are a-------- chang-------- in---- come

senators congressmen please heed the call - Don't
stand in the door-way don't block up the hall - For
he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled - there's a
bat-tle out - side and its rag - in It'll
soon shake your win-dows and rat-tle your walls For the
times they are a chang in come

moth- ers and fa-th-ers thru- out the land----and
dont cri-ti- cize what you can't und- er stand ----your
sons and your daughters are be- yond your com- mand----your
old road is rap-id-ly ag-in-------- -Pleas get
out of the new one If you cant lendyour hand-------for the
times--- they are a------------ chang-------- -- in------ the

line it is drawn the curse it is cast The
slow one now will later be fast As the
present now will later be past The
order is rapidly fadin And the
first one now will later be last For the
times they are a chang in