Where do you go to my Lovely?

talk like Marlene Diet - rich - And you
dance like Zi Zi Jean Maire - Your
clothes are all made by Bal - main -And there's
diamonds and pearls in your hair, yes there are - -
----------- ---------- You
live in a fan - cy a - part - ment - Off the
Boul - e - vard of St Mi - chel - Where you
keep your Roll-ing Stones rec - ords - And a
friend of Sach - a Dis - tel, yes you do ---
------------- ---------- But

where do you go to my love - ly -----------
When you're a- lone in your bed -----------
Tell me the thoughts that sur round you -------- I
want to look in - side your head, yes I do ---
------------ -----------I've

seen all your qual - i - fi - cat - ions - You
got from the Sor - bonne, - And the
paint - ing you stole from Pi - cass - o, - Your
love li ness goes on and on, yes it does.
------------- ---- When you
go on your sum - mer va - ca - tion, - You
go to Ju - an le Pain, - With your
care ' fly de - signed top less swim suit, - You
get an ev - en sun - tan, on your back and on your legs

And when the
snow falls you're found in St. Mor itz, - With the
oth - ers of the jet- set, - And you
sip your Na -pol -eon bran - dy, - But you
nev - er get your lips wet, no you don't. Your
name it is heard in high places, You
know the--- Aga Khan, He
sent you a racehorse for Christmas, And you
keep it just for fun, for a laugh, ha ha ha.

they Say that when you get married, It'll
be to a million- -aire, But they
don't realise where you come from, And I
wonder if they really care, or give a damn.
I re -member the back streets of Naples, Two
children begging in rags, Both
touched with a burning am -bition, To
shake off their lowly born tags, and they try.

So look into my face Marie -Claire,
And re -member just who you are,
Then go and forget me for -ever,
But I know you still bear the scar, deep inside, ‰yes you do.

I know where you go to my lovely,
When you're alone in your bed,
I know the thoughts that sur -round you,
‰Cos I can look inside your head.