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finding email addresses

Email addresses can be got from mailing lists that you subscribe to. eg for NetSurf on page:- .../listinfo/ there is a form to key in your subscription email and password which gives access to a list of subscribers to the NetSurf users list

# mail logs

mail logging is done by Hermes - the logs are in:- ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.N1.!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.Logs

# PC style delete keys

Menu on a reply using built-in editor >Misc >choices.... EmailEdit Choices:- PC style delete keys.

# How to make a new mailing list

on Messenger:Main groups (all) window button (or menu) > New folder... Name: whatever ** the new folder shows in the Main groups list as a blue icon [ Messenger:Main groups ] [ Select whatever ] [ > >Group whatever > Info.. ] [ shows full name is: Folder.whatever ] [ ] [ Messenger:Main groups ] [ If required:- ] [ > >Group whatever > Edit choices... ] [ Copy settings from ... another folder ] [ ] [ Messenger choices...Group Subscription ... ] [ radio button: Folders ... ] [** new folder is in list of Subscribed folders ] Messenger choices.Group Management ... not much of interest here Messenger choices.Filtering Rules ... Add.. Edit filter Name -. whatever_filter if matched store messages in drop down list > whatever Set whatever_filter appears in list of Filtering rules Edit ... Edit filter Matching criteria - drop down list > To Comparison - drop down list > = key in *whateverulike* Set Messenger choices.Mailing lists Add.. Edit mailing list Name - eg. whatever_mlist Folder > whatever Address > Set ** Notice The blue folder "whatever" has disappeared from Main groups and has been replaced by a scroll icon "whatever_mlist" Also it has disappeared from Group.subscription.Folders, and an entry for "whatever_mlist" has appeared in Newsgroups/mailing lists But now the blue folder "whatever" has re-appeared in Main groups and in Group.subscription.Folders,

# To delete a mailing list

Messenger choices.Mailing lists select then delete

# distribution lists entries

distribution list entries can contain either email addresses or aliases.

# Distribution lists - to expand the list name

display the actual email addresses in the To: field - while the cursor is still in the line CTRL-TAB expands the list.

# distribution lists - where are they kept

Public distribution lists are in ...!NewsDir.Messenger.MailLists Private lists are in ...!NewsDir.UserHome.John.Messenger.Distlists ctrl-f12 for command window... *show news* NewsDir$Dir : ADFS::Panto.$.NEWSDIRS.maindir.!NewsDir alternate method.. from Messenger address book > >Distribution lists >Edit/View >Public >egtestlist... show list in SEd - close with alt-X to show dist lists folder

# distribution lists - How to make a new one

create the new list:-. Address Book > Distribution lists >New... enter name for distribution list eg xxxxlist and click !New populate distribution list:- > >Distribution lists >Edit/view >xxxxlist xxxlist is opened is StrongEd window add email addresses or aliases save file and quit add the list to the address book:- in window - Address book click !New... in window - New address book entry [tick] Distribution list select xxxxlist from dropdown list add name add folder add alias (same as name and file name) !Set the list can also be made up using StrongED

# How to make a mailing list

Create new folder - eg xxx From Messenger choices ... Mailing lists ... Button Add... drop-down list... select xxx Button Set ...

# Usenet

a list of usenet groups with FAQs can be downloaded from the ftp site:- login as user anonymous with any password the list of groups is in pub/usenet-by-group

# Search

do not use wildcard - to search for rickman in From field just use the string it will find any emails with rickman in the address - eg ****BUT USE ASTERISK IN FILTERS**** don't forget date search - useful for splitting large folders eg (Richard Porter) Do a 'Search messages' for Date < Tue, 1st January 2013 In the search results window 'Select all' then Selection > Move to > New folder Enter new folder name and tick 'Designate as archive group' Click 'Create'

# DEBATCH of Mail

open netfetch 4,036,215 size of !Hermes fetch email 4,041,557 size of !Hermes ...!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.MailDir.mailin.spool. has new mail item in #! rmail format in text file argonet start !Messenger 4,036,477 size of !Hermes and spool now empty - file argonet debatched

# DEBATCH of News

open netfetch 7,008,827 bytes in !NewsDir open !NewsHound and fetch the news 7,008,827 bytes in !NewsDir no change as news has gone into .....!NetFetch.Apps.!NewsHound.News.folder where it is held as a #! rnews format file in dunNews (also file called dunNewGrp created) start !Messenger 7,071,187 bytes in !NewsDir size has changed because news has been debatched and moved to !NewsDir .....!NetFetch.Apps.!NewsHound.News.folder has had the downloaded news removed

# Sending mail

When an email is sent it is appears in ...!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.MailDir.mailDir.mailout.text. and ...!NetFetch.Apps.! as a text file with the name 01 (or 02 etc if 01 exists) the files are removed when the Hermes transport starts up

# problem - Hermes won't send email - stuck in queue

when this occurs switch debug logging on :- *set Hermes$Dump on log will be in RAM (this problema documented in projects on A9)

# remove a stuck mail item

stop Hermes via the task display delete the item from the queue via icon >utilities >show queues

# to transfer the group "test" from A9 to Iyonix

on the A9Home machine:- > >Messenger-icon >choices...Group Management >jr/test > >Export... save in #! rmail format in a shared directory Note export seems to be the same as selecting all and saving as Raw (seq in date or they will look different) On the Iyonix machine:- drop "test" in:- ...!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.MailDir.mailin.spool. start !Messenger and spool now empty - file test debatched and mail items are in "Incoming mail" and shown as unread Select all the items and move them to an appropriate folder.

# problem - "Messenger transport command failed" control file not found

answer - look in ...!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.MailDir.mailout another problem - tried to send archive of Playit to Chris and Hermes got stuck - can also get stuck receiving mail only on A9 so far. Check !Hermes.MailDir.mailout for an orphaned file. There are text and work subdirectories below each, check that each file in one has a corresponding file in the other.

# Hermes keeps the accounts, details are stored in:

ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.N1.!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.Choices :- ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.N1.!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.Choices.Accounts ADFS::HardDisc5.$.APPZ.N1.!NetFetch.Apps.!Hermes.Choices.Choices

# mail and news is stored in text files in !NewsDir

egs: Apps.N1.!NewsDir.MsgServe.Backup.Mail.argonet.4de09054 Apps.N1.!NewsDir.MsgServe.Backup.Mail.john/rickman.4de419e0 Apps.N1.!NewsDir.MsgServe.Backup.News.4de4268a use messenger's Group subscription window to manage newgroups

# Address book for messenger

stored in current..... SCSI::SSD.$.jrNEWSDIRS.!NewsDir.UserHome.John.AddrBook01 The current versions of MessPro do not have any obvious facility to export an address list. Internally the addresses are stored as a TAB separated list, with no header information. The current layout is NameTABAddressTABTAB0TAB0TABTABTAB0 If there is an Alias, that appears between the second and third TAB. First Zero changes to 2 if address is PGP enabled. Second Zero doesn't appear to ever change. Third Zero changes to 5-digit number if address is colour coded. If address is within folders, then the folder path appears before the final TAB.

# Sending and fetching of email is controlled by "accounts".

These are of two types: connection, controlled by !DialUp; and transport, controlled by !Hermes. Both types are accessible from !DialUp choices. to turn autofetch of email on or off: > >DialUp >Choices... >DialUp choices >General... Mail/News transfer !X !B Save Accounts in DialUp the following shows the non-null entries for:- ADFS::HardDisc4.$.INTERNET.Providers.UK.Orpheus entry_name=Orpheus phone_number=1231621 area_code=0845 dial_as_is=0 requires_logon=1 type=0 use_imap=0 use_same_proxy=0 proxy_enable=0 dns_address= dns_alt_address= after creating an DialUp account the following is the content of:- ADFS::HardDisc4.$.INTERNET.!DialUp.Choices.Accounts only new entries are shown name=bc89@orp password=********* display_password=0 pop_password=********* pop_logon_name=bc89 keep_alive=0 When I defined a new DialUp account for ASTRAC a new email entry was created in Hermes for it after creating an email account for Orpheus mail the following is the content of:- ADFS::HardDisc4.$.INTERNET.!DialUp.Apps.!Hermes.Choices.Accounts AcctID:0001 Name:jr 1 Port:110 Log:2 User:bc89 Pwd:********* not encoded in file hidden by jr Type:POP Local:jr MaxSize:500 SizeTime:0 OverSize:1 Delete:off Fetch:on Skip:on Apop:off SSL:off FastDelete:on IPAddr: LastResolve:1129485450 AcctID:0002 Name:Send 0002 Port:25 Log:3 Type:SMTP Login:off Default:on new argonet account AcctID:0007 Name:argomail Port:110 Log:2 User:orp16 Pwd:******** not encoded in file hidden by jr Type:POP Local:argonet MaxSize:500 SizeTime:0 OverSize:1 Delete:off Fetch:on Skip:on Apop:off SSL:off FastDelete:off IPAddr: LastResolve:1132655862

# !NewsDir - see also !Messenger

!NewsDir must be seen early on - on the Iyonix it is stored in the SCRAPZ directory on Panto which is looked at in "Boot at Startup" warning - if another !NewsDir is run the paths will not be changed as the boot file only sets paths if they are not null. to make a new database:- 1. copy the empty !NewsDir to somewhere suitable 2. unset the current !NewsDir variables UnSet NewsDir$Dir UnSet NewsDir$Path UnSet UserHome$Dir UnSet NewsDir$Version show news* 3. double click !NewsDir 4. configure with name and email address 5. er that's it

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