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Movie Video and Slideshow

# - slideshows

!Variations has display with lots of different fades !Thump has simple display with no fades does not seem to have control over size of images to start slideshow - Menu on Thumbs: >>Viewer >Slideshow set - >>Choices... >Viewer Scale of new:100% Ignore pixel density [x] *** fit screen uses 4:3 ratio - no good for widescreen monitor !Yassa needs looking into

# - movies

Just to clarify, the complete FFmpeg package is simply a suite of audio/video converters. It supports a wide range of formats. The complete package is HUGE. What I have done is port the FFmpeg front-end program to RISC OS with a reasonable (but expanding) selection of format readers, but only a few format writers. The writers I have chosen are for formats that software available for RISC OS can display: PCM for audio; PNG and MPEG 1/2 for video. It can also copy (but not create) MP3 streams. It works on Iyonix, A9home and StrongARM RiscPC. (It will not work properly on systems powered by ARM2 to ARM7 chips. It needs a StrongARM or later model of ARM chip.) What FFmpeg does NOT do is help you obtain videos in the first place. If you want to obtain videos from YouTube, you could use Murnong for that. (The Murnong project provided the initial impetus to port FFmpeg.) I do very little video work and don't access YouTube much. My internet access is relatively restricted. I released a port of FFmpeg simply so that people who already have access to videos in a variety of formats can convert and view them using only RISC OS software. I hope this clarifies what FFmpeg will do for you and what it won't. -- Regards, Chris.

# !FFmpeg

ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.miscellaneous.!ffmpeg/html - I have successfully converted AVI,MOV,WMV to MPEG errors:- set parameters 2: -sameq -r 20 but most likely will give error message:- [mpeg1video @ 0x6446c0]MPEG1/2 does not support 15/1 fps Error while opening codec for output stream #0.0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height solution - for 15/1 fps enter 30 into "frame rate" ******and for the moment turn off audio convert******* help suggests using AC3 but it does not work with the Wales avi There is a stronghelp manual for ffmpeg which covers common problems see "problems and solutions" link in footer

# !MPlayer

MPlayer - The Movie Player This RISC OS version was created by the GCCSDK Autobuilder See the "doc" subdir for more documentation or the official mplayer website at Getting Started --------------- There is an obey file 'Example' included in the !MPlayer folder. Double-clicking on this will enable certain file types to be played automatically in mplayer. If nothing happens when you double-click a file try looking at the 'stdout' and 'stderr' files in the !MPlayer folder. These may give a clue to the problem.

# !Murnong - download and convert YouTube films in one application.

see help Formats *.MOV - &BF8 Mime: video/mpeg RISCOS: BF8 Extns: mpeg mpg mpv Mime: video/x-mpeg2 RISCOS: BF8 Mime: video/x-msvideo RISCOS: FB2 Extns: avi Mime: video/quicktime RISCOS: FB2 Extns: mov Mime: video/avi RISCOS: FB2 Extns: avi Mime: video/msvideo RISCOS: FB2 Extns: avi Mime: video/x-msvideo RISCOS: FB2 Mime: video/acorn-replay RISCOS: AE7 Armovie Extns: replayrpl

# note from

FFMpeg is really a well behaving, useful application. I found my Minolta .mov files have got an audio component pcm_s16be 7832 Hz. That is a stopper until I set the encoding sample rate to 22050, or if I select libmp3lame or ac3 I can drop to 11025. There doesn't seem to be any appreciable difference in size, the 17MB .mov still reduces to approx 1.5MB (MPEG 1)

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