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mailing lists:- club list committee admin To administer these mailing lists remotely, you compose an e-mail to, which is an automated thing that treats e-mails as commands. Put anything you like in the subject line (it'll help you keep track of when it replies to you), and put one or more commands in the main body of the message. The commands you'll be interested in are: ENUMERATE (list everyone who is in a mailing list) ADD (add someone to a mailing list, and send a welcome" e-mail) REMOVE (remove someone from mailing list, and send "goodbye" e-mail) Eg. send an e-mail to and put these lines in the body: ENUMERATE mug ENUMERATE mug-cte And it will reply with an e-mail telling you all the addresses of people subscribed. Regarding Alec's request to join the list ... the correct command would be: ADD mug Alec Taylor REMOVE mug stuart.winsor@...

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