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Ovation EasiWrite Publisher

Install Impression Publisher

No, the timestamp of !CCShared has never been used. Some very old versions used the timestamp of !System. For your version it should be enough to copy !CCShared and !System.CMYKPal across. Timestamps should not matter. MW

# Master pages Imp+

To change a master page or add a new one:- open a new document, Untitled [save the Untitled document in case you want to revert the changes to Default] menu> View> Master Pages... work on the "Untitled Master Page" select the page you want to alter menu> Edit> Alter Master Page or menu> Edit> New Master Page Close Master Page window now using the still open new document... menu> Utilities> Save as default this will save to ..!Publish+.Auto.!Default

# EW

doc docx use file type msword and mswordx 'P' stands for plain, so if you want to remove any text styles from your new paragraph, or just start the new paragraph with its default style, highlight the whole paragraph (check that in the box in the top row of buttons, to the right of the red dot, it says 'Paragraph') and then press the 'P' button.

# Interchange between OP, EW, Pub+

OP to Pub+ - use RTF (need to change l/r margins in EW) OP to EW - use RTF Pub+ to OP - use text with styles and change to filetype DDF Pub+ to EW - use DDF or RTF EW handles DDF format regardless of the filetype but, drop on ib-icon not into open document or font instructions are ignored. EW only recognizes RTF if the filetype is set. EW to Pub+ use RTF EW to OP use RTF or MSWord

# easter egg

EW menu to the icon bar info window; watch and wait... after 5 seconds the Author window contents start to scroll.

# Columns

EW - for two columns use menu on icon bar >stationery>index pad OP - use the frame tool to draw multiple frames use the link tool to flow the text

# New page

EW -

# OP Applets

copy applet to !OvnPro.Applets then re-run Ovation Pro. enable/dissable by double-clicking. When disabled Applet name is suffixed with a '-'. Ovation Pro must be re-run after enabling/disabling any Applets. # OP Filters These must be booted to make them work put line in boot to to boot filters eg :- IfThere .^.OvnFilters Then Repeat Filer_Boot .^.OvnFilters -Applications [***** causes Iyo to stiff - investigate ****] !Ovn-HTML Convert Ovation to HTML Dave Holden version 1.27 I modified this to help with the song book printing Use by running - puts icon on icon bar click opens window to drop DDL file on. !OvnHTML run - then it adds an option to output html to file menu !MakeRTF is similar to !OvnHTML ie must be run It's actually not an applet but an app, which sits beside OPro, and when run adds the "Save as RTF" option to the save window. 26 bit filters - removed 16.03.11

# Pub+ filters

...!Publish+.Auto.LoadCSV+ ...!Publish+.Auto.LoadRTF ...!Publish+.Auto.SaveRTF The Save RTF appears on the menu >>File >Save Text Story >As RTF... It sets the file type to DOS not RTF There are others in ADFS::HardDisc5.$.DOCZ.Publisher.Extensions but they are of not much use.

# odd message from PrivateEye " FGG died

when you drop a DDF file onto OP ib_icon above msg issued file loads into OP when dialogue is dismissed

# Pub+ and DDF(&707) format

"Save text with styles" menu option saves files in DDF format. this will create a file with filetype "text". This can be dropped back into Pub+ and will be converted back to .doc. However, to import it into OP you have to set the filetype to DDF. Curiously, Imp+ does not recognize filetype DDF!

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