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Paper Screen Character
& Grit sizes

# Diamond grit particle size

a micron 1μ = 1/1000000 metre or 1/1000 mm 1000 grit particle size 15μ 400 grit particle size 75μ sharpening and toolcare link

# Characters

10 cm = 118 pixels @ 90 dpi A 12pt emsquare is 15px The following notes relate to the DTP point (pt) pts to inches link 1 inch is 72 pts 1 pt = 1/72 in = 0.0138 in = 0.3527 mm a character with a height of 12 pts is a pica, there are 6 to the inch so pica should print 6 lines to the inch by default But the width is a different kettle of fish: characters are designed to fit an em square. the font is scaled so that its em square has a side length of that particular length in points It does not work out in practice using a fixed pitch font - courier and the string 012346789AB at 12pt the string is 1.2 ins 10 pt 1.0 ins So what font size is 100 characters per inch? in = 72pts in/100 = 0.72pts However in practice in ArtWorks using font size 1pt 0123456789ABC is 1/10in long so: 100 chars per inch is 1 pt Reference the "one pound" printed around the rim of a one pound coin

# Screen monitor sizes

ACER AL2416 diagonal 24" horizontal 20 3/8" vertical 12 3/4" horiz pixels 1920 vert pixels 1200 works out as 94 dots per inch horizontal 94 dots per inch vertical curious cos istr risc os uses 90 dpi which would give screen dimensions of:- 21.33" x 13.33" looks as if I need to check print size versus screen size also

# Paper Sizes ISO

The ISO 216 standard is based on an aspect ratio of the square root of two, like the side of a square and its diagonal. 1:1.4142 This idea was originally proposed by the German scientist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg in 1786. A0 size one square metre 841mm x 1189mm A4 210mm x 297mm approx 8.27" by 11.7" 595px x 842px (72dpi used by postscript) Paper size American American letter size 8.5" by 11" (90 dpi = 3.5433 dpmm) 744pix x 1052pix (650x1000) to allow print margins Flash cards the spanish flash cards are 1/128" thick A4 - Suzano Report Laser & Inkjet 80gsm vacuum pack - 500 sheets - 4.88 cm loose 500 sheets - 5.16 cm average 1 sheet - 1 mm Passport photos should be 35mm x 45mm or 413 x 531 pixels the face length should be in the range 29mm : 34mm or 350:400 pix

# - I want a 2 fold A4 flyer

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