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All Wimp programs have two features in common - they have to initialise themselves with the Task Manager and they have to use a poll loop. They are both _swi accessed, so will have values in and out. SWI Wimp_Initialise On entry r0 Last wimp version * 100 r1 0x4B534154 ("TASK") r2 Task description r3 Messages list required On exit r0 Current wimp version*100 r1 Task handle The wimp version relates to the RISC OS version. This is normally 310 (corresponding to OS 3.10), through 350, 360, 370 and 400 are all used. 200 (OS 2.00) is unlikely to be seen now. r1 is actually just a fudge to filter out all the old pre-RISC OS programs which aren't likely to pass this on initialisation! The task handle is the name by which the task manager knows what the application is. Every application, be it WIMP or CLA will have had one of these assigned to it on start up. The poll loop is the manner by which the program itself keeps up-to-date with what events have been received.

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