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# here are a few short web addresses for testing ping note all 3 letter domains are in use

# JRweb publishing notes and instructions:-

open web site development folder: ADFS::HardDisc5.$.WEBZ run Applist The web site is in JRWEB to see open and run:- index/htm -------------------------------------------------------------- WebGen2 - build new sub-sites - as follows:- create source folder and put jpegs in it - no sub folders drop source folder on to webgen2 on icon bar... >Format x large images on separate pages x html/jpeg *** HTML only: tick if second time through Site descr: small text above thumbs on index page (used once only- omit if short of space)) >Index page Page title: default -source dir name - text goes on title bar of index page only (consider search engines) Heading: creates >h1 > on all pages filename is appended on full size pages Banner Img: - top of index page Sub: - Author: used for copyright and email Date: - blank out - unless required >Thumbnails Set thumbs across page (default is 6) Unset use tables to align thumbs >Full Size Max x/y size: 720 gives good compromise *** leave blank if resizing not required *** Quality: 85% Captions fle: one line per image text file - drop on window Buttons: the buttons and captions look better below the image but put above if using big images Note use this to resize images AND to set the display size of the image - even if you choose "Copy original image unchanged" this value will be used as the display size in the stub ********** not sure about this now - it might be a cache thing If you change image size remember to clear the cache or reload images >Links Previous: ../index.htm Home: ../../index.htm Next: - Mailto: rickman@etc - normally leave blank Resources: - >Styles Use CSS: tick >Meta >Rename >ChangeFSI useful for batch changes to images ---------------------------------------------------------------- !B Build site now drag Website to temp and check it out rename folder as appropriate and add link to it from main site if happy with site :- run !Sitematch and update web

# - putting magazine on Gaydon website

WARNING - case of file names is very important! on riscpc:- 1 open mag4web (based on Harriet's impdoc HTML v) 2 save as Magyymm eg Mag0702 3 save mag pages as text without styles into magyymm 4 apply styles: F1 Main head f2 Sub head f11 'arranged' 5 rearrange arranged texts 6 save & exit 7 copy Magyymm to Panto xfer 8 tell John (Julie don't use & - use "and" instead) on Iyonix:- open Panto.xfer run !DD2Html run Publish+ from Aemulor window open Panto.xfer.Magyymm , click it for focus save as TextStory as with styles in xfer quit Publish+ drag and drop TextStory onto icon of DDF2Html fill in title eg Gaydon Magazine 2009 save as Textstory/html in xfer rename to magyymm/html in xfer load into StrongEd and replace all   with a blank look at mag in NetSurf and correct any obvious sillies on A9Home:- Open A9_WEB run !Applist then !FTPc and !SiteMatch open GAYSITE.mags open Panto.xfer copy new mag to mags and edit html copy ">link rel="stylesheet ...." from last month's mag and save update the magazine index - mags/html for new mag run mags/html and check new link upload via !SiteMatch - 1 new, 1 modified test on Iyonix

# - putting church services on Gaydon website

there is now a pointer to the magazine from the services page. previous method:- edit the file delete last month services and copy the services in from the current mag - remove the >P >>BR > and >PRE > tags. change the month name (and year)

# Google search tips

"risc-os" matches "risc os" and "riscos" so says druck *** you may still get sponsored links that ignore your restrictions -javascript - for NetSurf friendly sites ~ search with synonyms, tilde sign in front of search term. site: egs site:uk Not site -site:com Not containing word -word Restrict search to specific site lois OR -site:com OR -usa american dictionary lookup define:manky define:red point phone numbers try dialing code or search with "telephone codes index" or search with "old std codes" :-) postcodes cv35 postcode or use :- for specific code calculate (1+2)*3 convert measures 5 micrograms in milligrams Usenet (google groups) author:peter author:naulls (part will not do) Your level 2 headers should tellthe story

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