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# FireWorks spreadsheet

# hints to enable text to be keyed directly tick Choices - Edit in cell if you need to copy/paste a formula time etc select cell or cells >>Edit >Make cells >Constant integer - define new style based on number, select style 0;[negative]-0 # calculation expression use = to start a # cell references fixed cell references use $ eg $b$4 relative references eg b4 !BUT use propagate down or sideways NOT clipboard! Note - the above info came from the Pipedream manual. # charts use x-y Scatter for time on x axis # csv drop on sheet... choose - insert overwriting blank cells (convert TSV to CSV - replace tab by comma) # decimals set the number of places via style number eg 0.00 set style for 2 decimal places for whole sheet :- >>S >Basesheet >Number >#,##0.00,##0.00[Negative] >Apply for a single column use effect not style eg 0 for integers # functions trig functions assume radians except for RAD - assumes degrees eg TAN(1) = 1.54 DEG(1) = 57.29 degrees ATAN(1.54) = 1 DEG(ATAN(1.54))) = 57.29 deg # columns and rows ctrl F7 insert row ctrl F8 delete row shift f7 insert column shift f8 delete column to change row height:- >>Style>Styles... >Basesheet>Change... >Row>Height>change number you will probably want to change the fontsize also >>Style>Styles... >Basesheet>Change... >Text>Height etc # sort select All the cells you want sorted select sort dialogue key in column letter and click descending if required go # widths of cells create new style "narrow" set ruler column width to eg 1.4 cm apply style to selected rows wide text cell - use style- BaseHeadFoot # propagation use buttons for row and col propagation of the same value 1 2 3 ... 1 >> a1 =a1+1 >> a2 propagate b1

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